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Connecting Ambi Climate to Homebridge (unofficial support)

If you want to set up Ambi Climate in the Home app, then you’ll love this blog post! You can use Ambi Climate with Homebridge to connect with Apple HomeKit (unofficial support). Want to know more?

The Ambi Labs Recap – A Look Back At 2018

2018 was an amazing year at Ambi Labs. In our mission to make smart AC control better and more accessible for everyone, we launched smarter features, and grew our community of distributors and retailers in 8 regions spanning 3 continents. But before we get into the nuts and bolts of what this year held, we want to say thanks - thanks to the clients, colleagues, collaborators, and friends who made this year so incredible.

A Holiday Gift-giving Guide For Smart Home Presents Packed With A Purpose

We live in the gilded age of smart home greatness and web-connected everything, so finding that perfect gift shouldn’t be difficult. But just in case you need a nudge in the right direction, here’s a late list of really fun, compact and easy-to-wrap, smart home gadgets packed with a purpose that will give back so much more. Happy Shopping!

Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in May

Clean your air and take care of your dog the smart way - all of this and more in this month's gadget roundup!

Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in April

Up your H2O intake and protect yourself and your home in our latest roundup of tech gadgets!

Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in March

Save water, drink alcohol smartly and protect your home in this rendition of our favorite gadgets from the past month!

Sunday Spotlight – The Gadgets We Loved in February

A smart pet bed and 360 photos in 6K?! These are just two of the awesome gadgets we discovered this month!

Sunday Spotlight – the January Edition

From upping your Smart Home security to cooking the perfect food in a Smart oven - here are this month's gadgets!

Sunday Spotlight – The December Edition and Looking Back at 2017

Which gadgets made our list of the best of 2017? Get the story now!

Get the Full Story Of Our Crazy Year in Ambi Climate World

What have we been up to this past year? What have we not!

Excited to Come & Explore CES 2018? We’ll Be There!

Making our way to CES 2018 in Las Vegas - come meet us at booth 42848!

Sunday Spotlight – The November Edition

Just in time for New Year's resolutions - make your life better with our November installments of Sunday Spotlights!

The Ultimate Smart Holiday Gift Guide You Need In Your Life

Still don't know what to get this holiday season? Our 2017 Gift Guide will help you!

Sunday Spotlight – The October Edition

Sleep better, live better and build a better Smart Home - are you ready for the latest spotlights?

Introducing Ambi Climate’s Brand New Website!

Ready to learn all about Ambi Climate and buy one? Now you can, on the brand new website!

Sunday Spotlight – The September Edition

Gadgets for your life, soul and work - which one would you pick?
Smart Life Delivered Your Way

Smart Life Delivered Your Way