So small it’s big. Are you ready?

So small it’s big. Are you ready?

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Personalized Comfort Made Easy with AI

Learns from your feedback to auto-adjust your air conditioner, maximize how you feel and save up to 30% on energy.

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Temperature Alone Doesn’t Cut It

External Weather Sunlight Time of Day Indoor Temperature Indoor Humidity
Personalized comfort profile generated by AI algorithm
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Taking Everything Into Account

Do you know what affects your comfort? We do. Ambi Climate’s sensors and live data will help create a personalized Comfort Profile, to optimally adjust your environment based on you.

The World’s First AI Enabled Smart Air Conditioner Controller

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Discover a Whole New Level of Smart

Say goodbye to constant AC adjustments. See how Ambi Climate uses machine learning to maintain your comfort.

AI Engine, live data and multiple sensors

AI Engine and Multiple Sensors

Intelligently learns from your feedback and analyzes online data to deliver comfort you didn’t know existed.

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Control and monitor your AC on-the-go

Access Anywhere

Control & monitor on-the-go, wherever you are.

Smart home integration

Smart Home Integrations

Alexa, Google Home, Siri and IFTTT compatible, plus an open API for you to enjoy.

Geolocation and scheduling

Smart Scheduling

Unlimited timers and rules to plan out your day and create the perfect automation.

Personalized comfort profile

Comfort Model

A personalized Comfort Profile that knows what you need and fits your every move.

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“The Ambi Climate provides a simpler way to clever cooling.” – Mashable

“This device with Nest-like smarts works with almost every air conditioner. It keeps track of your room’s humidity and temperature ‒ and it adjusts the AC accordingly.” – CNET

“What makes Ambi Climate unique is its machine learning capability, so that over time it learns your comfort preferences by way of various sensors.” – Engadget

“This is intuitive, palpably intelligent technology. A real innovation.” – Financial Times

Your Key to Smart Comfort

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Ambi Climate on ios and android apps

Control at Your Fingertips

Always stay on top of things; view AC run time, average temperature and humidity, your favourite modes and your unique comfort profile.