After a long day out, the first thing you want to do when you get home is turn on your air conditioner and chill. Varying weather conditions (heat & humidity or cold & dryness) make the air conditioner one of the most important and essential devices to have at home.

Below, we’ve gathered the main tips on keeping your home comfortable, and making sure that your air conditioner maintains tip top condition!

1. Find the right size of AC for your room

Sometimes going too big isn’t the answer, here is a good guide to measure the size and output of the air conditioner you are getting. An air conditioner that is too large goes through short cycles, which cools/heats your home quickly, and then turns off. This constant on/off causes fluctuations to your room temperature, and a great deal of stress to your air conditioning unit.  Having too small a unit, will lead to inadequate cooling/heating, and wear your unit out.


2. Install your air conditioner in the right place

This may seem self explanatory, but always bears reminding. Placing your air conditioner at the corner of the living room means it has to work longer, and harder. You should also make sure it isn’t in direct sunlight and as much as it is tempting to want to hide it – just don’t!


3. A ceiling fan can help a lot

Being able to circulate the air in your room, A ceiling fan alleviates stress from your air conditioning unit. Having your air conditioning unit working in sync with your ceiling fan will help you save on your overall air conditioning bills, and help with your airflow and general comfort.

4. Don’t neglect your filters

Filtering out dust and debris to bring cool, clean air out, it’s best that your filters are cleaned or replaced monthly, especially in months where you use your AC a lot. Without clean filters, your air conditioner cannot function at its best! For those models with reusable filters, you can simply wash them and leave to dry completely before slotting them back in. Do note that the mesh of the filters is delicate, so don’t wipe off the dust, use a soft stream of water to clean it out.


5. Maintain your air conditioner regularly, and fix issues sooner than later

Air conditioners are meant to run day in and day out. Scheduling a yearly maintenance along with regularly cleaning your filters will squeeze more mileage out of your air conditioner. And if you do hear rattling noises, or see anything out of the ordinary, fix it as soon as possible, to avoid any costly repairs.

6. Optimize your air conditioner for your comfort

With so many variations to what would make you comfortable, optimize your comfort with Ambi Climate; the A.I in our app, allows you to enjoy seamless comfort as your air conditioner synchronizes the temperature in your room to your needs. With your customized solution, you can enjoy as much as 30% savings from your air conditioner!


Do you have other tips we haven’t listed here? Let us know in the comments! And as always – make sure to subscribe to our blog & follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, Instagram for all updates!

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