In warmer months, our daily habits and routines can change according to seasonal factors. Fluctuating humidity and scattered rainfall can affect our sleeping patterns while long, sunny days might impact how much time we spend indoors. And with summer well under way, travel plans will also play a role on our normal schedules. Life can be unpredictable so having the flexibility to keep things cool only when needed is both important and useful.

We designed Ambi Climate’s timers to give users flexible control in managing their air conditioners. While you can turn your AC on or off while away from your home, with Timers you have the ability to set custom schedules based on your routines. Choose the day, time and mode you’d like to use.

You can set timers for any or all of your air conditioners. Let Ambi Climate automatically turn off your AC when you’re out for work so you don’t waste energy, or schedule to turn on your AC before you wake up, so you don’t wake up freezing cold.

How would you use Timers? Let us know your ideas in the comments section!

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