For us, truly smart AC needs to offer more than just the ability to turn on your AC from your phone. Ambi Climate learns what you like and is equipped with several sensors – temperature, humidity, motion, and light – to monitor your room for changing conditions. Then it automatically adjusts your AC based on these factors.


Comfort Mode

Holistic AC comfort that goes beyond temperature control

So how do we do this? Our smart modes give you the ability to teach Ambi Climate what you like. Comfort mode is the “smartest” of the three modes. It basically takes over your AC controls and works to maintain what it knows you feel comfortable with, based on sensor readings and external weather changes. With Comfort Mode, the AC will get set to temperatures depending on the target the app has determined it needs to get to.


In the app, use the Comfort index to give Ambi Climate feedback based on the AC settings it has chosen for you.

If you feel the current settings are too hot, tap the “hot” button. Freezing? Tap the “freezing” button. Our AI learns your preferences in the current conditions and remembers them so that over time, you don’t have to adjust your AC at all.


It takes about 7 days for Ambi Climate to learn what you like. During this week, users are asked to give a minimum of 8 feedbacks in different climate conditions within any of our smart modes so that Ambi Climate can learn and deliver optimal comfort. Whenever your comfort differs from the estimate the app shows you, tap the button to give feedback and let the app know how you feel.

For those interested in the intelligence behind our smart mode, the Comfort Mode model collates all the data into a general model, but is also predicated on paying attention to the user’s inputs and integrating this feedback into our model.

When a user gives us feedback in the app, this contributes to the intelligent average that provides a more well-rounded model for all our users. The more feedback we receive from our users as whole, the more we are able to learn from the diversity of the data.


By balancing temperature and humidity, and auto-adjusting the AC for better temperature consistency, we’re excited that Comfort Mode has indeed provided greater comfort for our users.


Have you been using Comfort Mode? Let us know how it’s been working for you!

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