We recently held a Jawbone Up24 Giveaway in celebration of getting approval for our Kickstarter campaign. One week and 800 entries later, we found our winner!

Congratulations Connie – we hope you enjoy your Jawbone Up24!


We are less than 24 hours from our Kickstarter launch which starts tomorrow morning, 7 October at 8am HKT. We have been waiting for this day for a long time and hope you will join us! We have some awesome reward pledges and we can’t wait to share Ambi Climate with the Kickstarter community.

Also, it’s not too late to help us get the word out – we’re doing one last push for social support on our Thunderclap page. By joining, you’ll be part of a massive, co-ordinated social media blast that will reach over 100,000 people! Join our Thunderclap by clicking here – every supporter helps.

Thank you for supporting Ambi Climate! We know our launch can only be a success with your help, so please help us get this campaign off the ground and spread the word!


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