Whether you’re on vacation or in the office, Away Mode helps you manage while you’re away from home!



Away Mode helps you take care of the climate at home while you’re out of the house. Set temperature and humidity thresholds and Ambi will make sure your plants, pets and clothes are protected from unwanted moisture and extreme temperatures.

Ambi Climate has built-in intelligent sensors that measure temperature, humidity, sunlight and motion. Using this sensor data, Away Mode will only turn on your AC when the thresholds are met, and only for long enough to bring conditions back to “acceptable” levels.



Choose a heating, cooling, or drying limit. You can also select a timeout if these settings can’t be reached. Get a glance-able view of Away Mode for any or all of your rooms.

As you use Away Mode, the AI can minimize your energy costs by switching the AC on (or off) only when necessary.  In these situations, Ambi Climate can help to protect your home and belongings from changing outdoor conditions and prevent against weather damage.




We’ve also had a number of users tell us they use Away Mode for turning on the heater in their vacation home, to maintain low temperatures in their summer home and to help them ensure their stored inventory is not affected by high outdoor humidity.


We’d love to hear how you would use Away Mode. Share your ideas in the comments section!

One comment

  1. Hi! I was just wondering if the motion sensor can trigger the away mode to come on so if the sensor senses there is no movement in the room for a while, the AC can save energy by turning on Away Mode. Thanks!


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